last year, I did Inktober and really enjoyed it. I decided to do another daily drawing challenge this year, and came across a list of prompts for witches that caught my eye. Here are all 31 of the witches. The amount of time I had for each drawing varied depending on my real-life workload but with one or two exceptions I was able to get one of these done a day for the whole month. If you want to see some other examples you can browse the #31witches hashtag on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.
Seasonal Witch
Urban Witch
Garden Witch
Socialite Witch
Tailor Witch
Blood Witch
Lolita Witch
Wicked Witch
Solar Witch
Candy Witch
Pixie Sprite
Space Witch
Royal Witch
Beastmaster Witch
Music Witch
Technology Witch
Mermaid Witch
Potion Brewer
Warrior Witch
Magical Girl
Lunar Witch
Insect Witch
Farmer Witch
Baker Witch
Punk Witch
Ghost Witch
Cowgirl Witch (free day!)
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