31 Witches: Inktober 2016
31 days in October, 31 witches.
Animal Alphabet I: A through E
The first section of a series of alphabet images I have been working on in my limited free time.
Moby Dick
Moby Dick is an image that explores the themes of the classic novel through the medium of screen printing. As Captain Ahab closes in on the object of his revenge, will he finally get the closure he seeks, or does fate have another plan in store for him?
Disney Snap-in Book Set
A set of snap-in puzzle books for pre-school children in three popular Disney™ licenses.
Animation and Game Demo Reel 2011 - 2012
My animation demo reel for projects worked on in 2011 - 2012.
Star Lords - Character Designs and Animations
Character designs and animations for an unfinished tower defense game.
Survival of the Fittest - Character Design
A social game with more depth and stakes than your average farm or city game on Facebook, Survival of the Fittest allows you to train a fighter and challenge your friends and strangers as your character grows more powerful.
Yazata T-shirt design
A one-color t-shirt design for a local New Mexico metal band.
ATC Set - Demonology
A set of 5 artist trading cards centered around demons from Christian myhtology.
ATC Set - Dumb Animals
A set of five Artist Trading Cards, based around the idea of intelligent animals looking stupid.
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