Typographic Stickers (girls age 12-18)
Typographic Stickers (boys age 12-18)
Typographic Stickers (general audience)
'Sorption - Interactive Lab
Designed to help incoming college freshmen learn more about how scientific experiments are actually performed, this interactive module uses humor and engaging graphics to convey information.
A game designed to teach young riders the basics of ATV safety.
Elaboracion Segura de Carne - Safe Processing of Jerky
A project that helps independent beef jerky producers safely prepare their product and avoid contamination by bacteria like Salmonella
Science Pirates: the curse of Brownbeard
A game designed to teach the scientific method to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.
Scale Ella - Math Snacks Animation
A 10-minute short film about a super hero named Scale Ella who must use her math-related powers to stop her nemesis, Scaleo, from destroying the city.
Scientific Illustrations - genus Boechera
This is a series of 4 plates illustrating the diferences and similarities between 11 different species in the genus Boechera, 3 of which are newly discovered. The plates were completed to accompany a doctoral thesis.
Carve Your Path - Web App
An interactive tool designed to teach middle school children about the wide variety of jobs available to them, and the connection between education and the number of jobs available to you.
Science Pirates - launch party promotional stand-ups
Six foot tall promotional cutouts for the 2009 launch of the educational game "Science Pirates: the curse of Brownbeard".
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