Oftentimes, I find myself with a tiny bit of downtime in between projects. Not a whole lot, thankfully, but enough that I started a little side project to work on whenever I have a couple hours free time during the week. Working through the entire alphabet will probably take a while but it's a nice distraction from the stress of paid work, and also an excuse to spend some time learning about some of the lesser-known animals in the world. Here is the first section, A through E.

Prints of these are available on my Society6 page, and you can order them on t-shirts at my Threadless.com artist shop.
A is for Axolotl. The little doodle that started it all.
B is for Babirusa. You can't see his chest tattoo, but it's a picture of an avocado and lime with a banner that says, "Only Guac can judge me."
C is for Coatimundi
D is for Diamondback Rattlesnake, Western. So far, this design is my favorite of the bunch.
E is for Emperor Penguin. Other puns considered for the band t-shirt: New Orca, Fish No More, Marlin Manson, Collective Sole, and Jefferson Starfish.
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